Algae remover - Neutralon - 25 liters of concentrate - For professional use


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Product for professional use.


May only be used for professional control of algae on hard roof surfaces.


Free from algae with a clear conscience    

As the first and only Danish-produced algae remover, Neutralon® Algefjerner has been approved by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. This is your guarantee that Neutralon® Algae Remover works as intended and does not have an unwanted effect on the groundwater. 

Tested and approved

Neutralon is the only algae remover approved by the Danish Environment Agency because it has been thoroughly tested according to strict requirements and is the only product assessed according to the latest biocide criteria. 

Neutralon is a specially formulated algae remover that is based on degradable cationic surfactants and algae-killing detergent active substances. It is biodegradable, and therefore you do not affect the groundwater when you remove algae with Neutralon Algefjerner. Because the product does not contain acid and is PH neutral, you avoid discolouration. In other words, you can safely use Neutralon Algae Remover without worrying about discoloration on, for example, zinc and copper gutters.

Optimal in advance
The reason we can guarantee you an effective algae remover with minimal impact on the environment is that we have pre-mixed Neutralon Algae Remover. With the correct mixing ratio, you get the most optimal product to work with - we have the word of both the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and the Institute of Agroecology for that.


Therefore only for professional use

May not be used against other pests and not in higher dosages than those mentioned in the instructions for use. The concentrated product must not be emptied directly into the sewer. Washing water and excess solution may only be directed to a sewer that is connected to a treatment plant. Cover soil around the treated house when spraying to prevent the liquid from reaching the soil surface.
Keep locked and out of reach of children. Keep away from food, beverages and feed. The packaging must not be reused.

There is no requirement for a spray certificate in connection with the removal of algae from roofs and Neutralon is approved for just this, as long as it is done by professionals and the instructions for use are followed.

Find product description and safety data sheet her.


Neutralon Algefjerner has been tested by the Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University, which researches the interaction between plants, animals, people and the environment within agroecosystems. The assessment is that Neutralon Algae remover works effectively against algae growth.