Algae control package


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Package with product to remove algae (ready-mixed and approved) as well as tools you need both for the balcony, terrace and roof.

The package contains:

Neutralon® Algae remover (two cans with 5 liters of ready-mix) is the first and only Danish-produced algae remover to be approved by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. This is your guarantee that Neutralon® Algae Remover works as intended and does not have an unwanted effect on the groundwater.

Neutralon® Algae remover can already be used from 5eitherC.

Neutralon® Algae remover can be used on e.g. garden furniture, fences, facades, tiles, wooden terraces, solar cells, cement, metal, brick, glass, plastic, etc.

The procedure is very simple - Apply to dry surface. Let sit and work. The result can be seen already after a few days. 

Neutralon® Algae remover has a proven effect and is produced in Denmark. The product is biodegradable and has no unwanted effect on the groundwater. It does not discolour and is fast-acting.

Range: 4-6 m2/L

10 liter battery powered sprayer suitable for the garden.

The following equipment is included:

  • Spray shield and spreading boom with 2 nozzles
  • 100 cm lance
  • Valve handle with dirt filter
  • Baby carrier
  • Additional spray nozzles
  • Lightweight 10 liter backpack sprayer - weighs only 3 kg
  • Rechargeable 10.8V Lithium battery 2500 mAh, incl. charger
  • Easy battery replacement/charging
  • Charging time: Approx. 3 hours
  • Working hours: Approx. 3 hours per charging

Robust lance that fits the battery-powered sprayers. 


  • Max length 5.2 metres
  • For effective control of coatings on roofs, gables, masonry and solar cells
  • For laying Nowodry tiles and facade impregnation
  • For effective control of vermin and insects, etc. in trees, bushes etc.
  • Fits our 10 and 16 liter Lithium syringes 
  • Nozzle: Conical nozzle 0.4 L with min 3 bar. M17 x 1.5 thread
  • Delivered ready to use